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Simplified Technical Analysis Module

Technical Analysis Setup 

Uncover a proprietary technical setup equipped with essential key levels to optimize your positions.

Furthermore, you will become adept at pinpointing the most likely areas for trade entry and exit by utilizing confluence.

Macroeconomics Module

Fundamental Basics

A broad spectrum of educational content will be shared weekly to give our traders a competitive edge in the markets. Macroeconomics examines phenomena across the entire economy, such as inflation, price levels, rates of economic growth, national income, gross domestic product (GDP), and the fluctuations in unemployment.

Grasping these fundamentals is essential.

Bank Insights

Follow the Institutions

Understanding and interpreting the economic indicators monitored by commercial and central banks is vital. Observing the operation of monetary policies provides insights into the mandates of each central bank.


Market Sentiment

Risk on - Risk off

Market sentiment reflects the collective attitude of investors towards a specific security or the financial market as a whole. It embodies the market's mood or crowd psychology. Generally, increasing prices suggest a bullish market sentiment, whereas decreasing prices suggest a bearish sentiment. Understanding how to interpret the market's energy is crucial.


Course Membership Includes

World Class Education

Discover the intricacies of Wall Street through advanced training in Sentiment, Technical, and Fundamental analysis.

Exclusive Slack Group Access

Connect with individuals who share your interests to exchange ideas and discuss current events. Participate in weekly meetings that offer the latest market analysis with real-time information.

 Fundamental Handbook

Included is a free downloadable e-book that explains the five basic fundamentals.


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