Meet the J. Athens Team


Owner and Portfolio Manager of      J. Athens Institute with over a decade of financial market experience. 

I founded J. Athens Institute out of my deep passion for educating people with accurate and comprehensive information. I noticed a common frustration among learners who felt stuck with basic technical analysis and wanted to offer a solution.

J. Athens Institute was born to fill a gap in the market by providing high-quality information in an industry often saturated with watered-down content.

My expertise spans various financial markets, including equity options, stocks, futures/forex, and investing. However, delving deeper into understanding how institutions, hedge funds, and central banks operate revealed profound insights into market dynamics.

Beyond finance, I'm also deeply involved in music technology, entertainment, and firearms, which I pursue with the same level of enthusiasm and dedication.


Appointed CEO of J. Athens Institute

Marketing & Sales with over 8 years' experience. 

Hailing from the vibrant city of Miami, Florida, I've been a part of the J. Athens Institute journey since its inception.

I can confidently attest that our company offers the most exceptional program in this industry. Witnessing Kevin and the J. Athens Institute team's unwavering work ethic and standards has been truly inspiring.

In my role focusing on marketing and sales, I prioritize understanding the needs of our clients firsthand. Guiding them through our course offerings and addressing any inquiries is not just a job for me—it's a commitment to ensuring their success.

With a background in real estate and property management, I bring valuable insights to the table, particularly in understanding how market dynamics can intersect with the FX Market.

Outside of work, I find solace in nature and the simple joys it offers, providing a balance to my professional life.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is witnessing the happiness and satisfaction of our clients. Seeing them thrive and excel under the guidance of a company built on integrity brings me immense joy and pride.