Meet the J. Athens Team


Owner and Portfolio Manager of      J. Athens Institute with over a decade of financial market experience. 

 I started J. Athens Institute because of my passion for teaching people the proper information. It seemed as if many people got to a point of feeling stuck learning only basic technical analysis.

J. Athens Institute was created to bring superior information in a watered-down market.

 I have studied the financial markets ranging from equity options, stocks, futures/forex, and investing.  

To my surprise and ultimate knowing, learning how institutions, hedge funds and central banks worked really opened my eyes on how the market truly functions. 

In my free time, I am also into music technology and entertainment as well as an enthusiast and collector of firearms.


Appointed CEO of J. Athens Institute

Marketing & Sales with over 8 years' experience. 

Born and raised in Miami Florida. I have been working with the J.Athens Institute since the beginning. 

I must say that this company has by far the best program available in this industry. I was amazed at the work ethic and standards that Kevin and the J. Athens Institute possesses. 

I am involved in the marketing and sales portion of the company. Being a consumer myself I understand the needs of our clients and assist them with any questions and in choosing the appropriate course schedule to complete. 

I also possess knowledge in the real estate and property management industry which can affect the FX Market. 

In my free time, I enjoy being in nature and taking time to enjoy the simple things in life.

I take great pride in seeing and meeting the many clients we encounter daily. Being able to witness our clients happiness and satisfaction learning from a company with so much integrity has truly been a joy!